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YiYang Huasheng Flame-retardant Technological Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company supplying flame retardant chemical products professionally. Our company covers more than 30 mu, which is located in Pioneer Park, Longshan port, Heshan District, Yiyang City, Hunan Prov., China. The total assets is RMB 100,000,000. Our company has the capacity of producing 20000 tons of stibium, modification hydroxide magnesium and hydroxide aluminium flame retardant and other inorganic composite flame retardant products of Fire-wall mark. The hydroxide magnesium and hydroxide aluminium flame retardant products which our company produce is conformed to the development trend of environment protection. The market share of Fire-wall mark modification hydroxide magnesium is the first compared with the similar products for the high scientific and technological content, excellent and stable quality. Our company also supplies products of high-purity antimony trioxide, ultrafine antimony trioxide, calalyse-type antimony trioxide, surface activated antimony trioxide, flame retardant antimony trioxide and so on.

Our company is a clearly established ownership, well defined power and responsibility, scientific management modern enterprise with excellent management, technique and marketing talents. Good faith is foundation of our business. We will cooperate all the friends with good products, perfect service and honest character.

Management Policy

Customer Centered, Quality First. Provide high quality and environment-friendly inorganic flame retardants to customers.
Sci-tech driven, Continuous development of new technologies and new products. Make our due contribution to environment protection and the well-being of mankind.

Enterprise Target

Leading technology in the industry;
First-class quality in China;
Timely and efficient services;
World-famous brand.

Company Honors

In 1995, our product, namely modified antimony trioxide supplied a gap in the market;
In 1999, our sales volume of flame retardants was among the highest in Guangdong Province;
In 2003, our "10,000 T/yr. Nano-grade Super-fine Powder Materials Production Base Project" was listed in "Yiyang Municipal Major Construction Projects During 2003-2007";
In 2003, the company was honored as "Top 100 Tax Paying Enterprises in Yiyang City";
In 2004, the R & D of environment-friendly inorganic flame retardants, including modified magnesium hydroxide, made significant breakthrough;
In 2005, modified magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and inorganic compound flame retardant achieved great success in the market;
In 2005, we established wide cooperative relations with many public companies and large companies worldwide.

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